Umoja Outreach Foundation

The new Umoja app: All of Umoja at your fingertips

Say hello to Umoja’s new app! The keystone of the organization, the Umoja app ties together all of our branches – uGames, uAcacdemy, uMentor, and uCare – and puts everything they have to offer at your fingertips. The app is available for iOS and Android today!

Use the app for easy access to all of our amazing programs, and engage with them to support us in our mission to engage, empower, and educate our communities.


uAcademy: With the app, you can view details on the Academy in your city, including schedules and announcements. You can even share pictures from your academy from within the app.

uMentor: Are you struggling to decide on a career path? Listen to our weekly career development podcasts, available from within the app, and browse a large listing of career paths.

uLinks: Umoja’s new global Shi’a professional directory. From the app, you can opt in to the professional directory yourself or view a listing of fellow professionals.

Videos: Stay up-to-date with Umoja’s latest initiatives by watching our promotional videos. Our upcoming Umoja Games docs-series will be premiering exclusively in the app!

Umoja Pages: A Shi’a business directory where you can discover our community’s businesses right from the app! You can even sign up to display your own business, for free during 2020.

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