Umoja Outreach Foundation


Our goal is is simple: Unleash the future.

“The idea is not to make mentees dependent on us, but to make them independent, so they can progress. They become the future mentors, and the cycle continues”

– Azim Dahya, Accountant and Founder of Muslim Food Bank

We’re aiming to create a Muslim network of mentors and mentees. By connecting aspiring professionals and students to established professionals within our Muslim ummah, we are building a powerful platform to help our youth achieve their educational and career goals.

Our Latest Talk Shows
Reza Aziz - Student and Volunteer
Sakina Naqvi - Software Engineer; Maisum Walli - Student
Jahangusht Tajdar - College Student and Grocery Clerk
Faizaan Datoo - Computer Science Student; Zainab Alikhan - High School Senior
Erum Naqvi - Super Mom!
Mohammad Shair - Legal Assistant and Writing Specialist
Habibullah Fayiz - Martial Arts Teacher
Ali Ladak - Marketing Science Partner
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