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Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi – Islamic Seminary Student, Teacher, and Preacher

June 1, 2019 @ 12:00 am

While in college, Saiyid Hasan Ali Rizvi focused his studies on politics and religion in the Middle East and the Islamic World. He studied subjects such as Islamic Jurisprudence, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Democracy & Reform in Post-Revolutionary Iran, American Foreign Policy, Defense Policy, Terrorism in International Relations, Israeli Politics, and Islam, Democracy, & Violence in the Islamic World. Saiyid Hasan began his formal Islamic studies in 2010 at the Imam Ali (as) Seminary in Orlando, FL and graduated in 2012.nnSaiyid Hasan has been continuing his Islamic education in the holy city of Qum for past 5 years. He is focusing on a wide variety of subjects. His master’s degree focus is in Western studies where issues such as democracy, capitalism, materialism, science & religion, atheism, postmodernism, etc. are examined through the lens of Islamic Philosophy and Spirituality (‘irfan). He also concentrates his private research in the fields of Islamic Psychology, Islamic Education & Islamic Parenting.