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Sabah Hashmi – Senior Policy Analyst and Entrepreneur

December 10, 2021

Sabah Hashmi is the founder of Sabah’s Corner, a blog that strives to support the rapidly growing number of fellow Muslim parents navigating parenthood in the West. Born and raised in Canada herself, with a masters degree, she turned to blogging to address this gap once she herself became a mother. In her blog, you will find a curated list of easily digestible topics that are thoughtful and well researched, often including references to hadith (prophetic traditions), evidence-based science and even some fun humour! She covers a vast range of topics, including pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, language, religion, and spirituality. The blog is also home to many practical resources, tools and product deals designed to make things just a little easier for western-Muslim parents. To subscribe to Sabah’s Corner and receive exclusive offers, click here ( or follow the blog on Facebook @sabahcorner.